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At Flinders Dental Clinic, we offer the latest preventive dental care as well as an extensive range of general and cosmetic dental treatments to patients from Flinders, Dromana, Rosebud and the greater Mornington Peninsula area.

Our refreshingly honest approach to dentistry educates our patients on the best methods to care for your teeth and gums. We believe in living a healthy lifestyle for healthy teeth.

Our Services

Routine maintenance of your teeth and early correction of any oral health problems, will significantly reduce any need for major treatments later on in life.

We Accept All Health Funds Including

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Quality Dental Health Care in a Fun and Friendly Environment

Flinders Dental has been developed with our passion for preventative based dentistry. With over the 45 years of experiance, we have gained a clear view of what defines a good practice, an honest approach and establishing a friendly rapport with each patient. We is determined to take the fear and trepidation out of dentistry, making each visit a pleasant experience.

Patient-Orientated Dental Care

Our philosophy is that dentistry should be honest and in the best interest of our patients.

With many years of experience under our belts as Mornington Peninsula based dentists, We have developed a preventative approach to dentistry where the focus is on conserving teeth. Preventive dental care is the key to achieving a beautiful and lasting healthy smile.


At Flinders, all our dental professionals are highly skilled and put our patient’s needs first. Focussing on preventative care and minimal intervention.

Are your children unsure about the dentist? We have clinicians who have over 5 years of experience making dental visits a positive and safe environment for children to grow to trust and look forward to their dental visit.

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Our Team

Dr. Ron Rogers
Dr. Ron Rogers
Dr. Julia Gellatly
Dr. Julia Gellatly
Mrs Michelle Bursa
Mrs Michelle Bursa
Oral Health Therapist

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